Transform Yourself into an Attention-Grabbing SuperHero
Give yourself a Marketing-Superhero-Makeover and Move More Business in a Single Bound!
Transform your photos into a superhero to use on business cards, websites and social media...even if you can't afford "Marvel-level" talent illustration pricing.
Choose from dozens of poses on the following pages
Use these cartoons to differentiate yourself from the competition. Our clients use these as their Facebook profile pic, in Power Point presentations, on a business card, as Podcast cover art, in Instagram posts, on website headers, inside e-book designs and many other areas
Online Marketing's Mightiest Super-Heroes Use Amazing SuperToons
Matt Furey 
"Even though Vince Palko's powerful cartoons filled my seminars to the brim and helped me sell truckloads of books, I still chide him by saying he did a “horrendous” job. That’s sarcasm. It really means I don’t want too many people having such a dramatic advantage. If you have Vince do a badass job for you, you’ll know why I only wanted him for myself. Expand your vision with"

Dan Kennedy
“The Godfather’s pen is mightier than any sword! Only the Godfather has mastered all the nuances of “cartoon marketing”, and is the artist of choice for Dan Kennedy and GKIC.
Russell Brunson
"Vince is the man when it comes to cartoons. I think I have given him more money than any single human being on earth and you should too!"
1 Amazing SuperToon for only $597 $197
On why he uses cartoons in his marketing...Dan Kennedy says your customer needs to see you doing superhuman things. So that they make the correlation of you helping them move from where they are now to where they want to be.

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